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2012. FDM Asia. Tondi G. Preserving Wood the Tannins Way. Nov-Dic.- 2012.

Book Chapters

    1. Tondi G., Petutschnigg A. Handbook of composites from renewable materials, Vol. 1, Structure and Chemistry. V.K.Thakur, M.K.Thakur & M.R.Kessler. Scrivener publisher. Wiley. 2017. Chapter 4. Tannin-Based Foams: The Innovative Material for Insulation Purposes. 93-106. ISBN: 978-1-119-22362-7
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    3. Tondi G., Kandelbauer A., Goodman S.H. Handbook of thermosetting polymers. Third edition. Dodiuk & Goodman. Elsevier, S.Diego, 2014. Chapter 7. Allyls. S.173-190

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Conferences – Invited speaker

    • Ottobre 2019. TEDx Kuchl (A).”Welcome to the wood age!”
    • Maggio 2019. 3BiR3. Trieste (I). “Development of bio-based materials in Salzburg: University of Applied Sciences and Centre for Smart Materials”
    • Dicembre 2018. COST FP1407. Belgrado (RS).”Wastewater remediation with formaldehyde free tannin-furanic foam powders”
    • Settembre 2018. ECWM9. Arnhem (NL). “Water resistant tannin polymers”
    • Aprile 2018. FFH. Salisburgo (A). Session chair “Naturinspiriertes Denken”
    • Settembre 2017. COST FP1407. Kuchl (A).”Fixing tannin in wood: Characterization of the treated wood”
    • Giugno 2017. 48 IRG meeting. Gent (B).”Copolymers of tannin extracts as wood protection agents”
    • Agosto 2016. World conference of timber engineering. Vienna (A). “Tannin bio-copolymers as wood preservatives”
    • Novembre 2015. Wien Holzschutztage. Vienna (A). “Tannine als Holzschutzwerkstoffe”
    • Novembre 2015. Circular design conference. Kuchl (A). “Tannin foams”
    • Aprile 2015. COST FP1006. Salonicco (G). “Modification of the wood surface with different tannin polymers”
    • Settembre 2014. PTF BPI. Kuchl (A). “Sandwich panels with 100% natural tannin-furanic core”
    • Settembre 2014. PTF BPI. Kuchl (A). “Advanced tannin-based wood preservatives”
    • Novembre 2013. Forum dell´Innovazione. Bergamo (I). “Panoramica dei prodotti piú interessanti sviluppati presso SUAS”
    • Settembre 2013. SMMIB. Kusadasi (TR). “Hydrophobic tannin-based foams”
    • Marzo 2013.  FTP-c8 Inspiring Horizons. Barcelona (S). “Formaldehyde-free tannin foams”
    • Marzo 2013. Young Researcher Forum. Barcelona (S).  “Formaldehyde-free tannin foams”
    • Settembre 2012. ECWM6. Lubiana (SL). “Wood modification through tannin infiltration”
    • Settembre 2012. COST FP1006. Lubiana (SL). “Report of STSM”
    • Aprile 2012. Training School. COST FP1006. Kuchl (A)
    • Giugno 2011. CIMAD. Coimbra (P).”Tannin-boron wood preservatives”
    • Giugno 2008. ICYC. Penang (M). “Tannin based organic foams”
    • Luglio 2007. Lignocarb. Nancy (F). “Tannin based  carbon foams”
    • Marzo 2006. COST E34. Bruxelles (B). “Study of the crosslinking of waterproof PVAc copolymers”

Conferences – Poster

    • 2018. ECWM9. Arnhem (NL). “Water resistant tannin polymers”
    • 2017. COST FP1407. Kuchl (A).”Interreg ITAT – InCIMa project – 2023″
    • 2017. HPLC Symposium. Prague (CZ).”A new challenge – Development of purification method for industrially extracted Mimosa tannin”
    • 2015. COST 1307. Koper (SL).”Life cycle assessment of a novel tannin-­boron association for wood protection”
    • 2012. ECWM6. Lubiana (SL). “Wood modification through tannin infiltration”
    • 2012. FFH. Graz (A). “Formaldehyde-free tannin foams: Press and microwaves production”
    • 2011. LMC. Vienna (A). “Tannin based foams: Raman investigation”
    • 2011. FPS. Portland (US). “Tannin-based wood preservatives”
    • 2011. OGMBH. Urstein (A). “Vibrational studies on tannin-foams”
    • 2010. PTF BPI. Kuchl (A). “Tannin based foams and its derived Carbon Foams”
    • 2010. PTF BPI. Kuchl (A). “Rotational Dowel Welding: Parameters for manually driven cordless screwdriver”
    • 2009. UHP meeting. Nancy (F). “Tannin based rigid foams: Characterisation and modifications”
    • 2007. Lignocarb. Nancy (F). “Green Adhesives: Particleboard based on green adhesives”
    • 2006. Ecowood. Oporto (P). “Natural glues in wood welding: Non-toxic fillers in linear friction wood welding”
    • 2006. SCI. Firenze (I). “Polyvinylacetate modifications: Activation of NMA through acidic compounds”

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