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University of Padua

Current position

2019 – today: Senior researcher at the University of Padua, LEAF department


Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Former positions

2011 – 2019: Key-resercher & Professor at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.

SUAS Kuchl

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. Campus Kuchl


2010-2011: Post-doc at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.

FWF “Lise Meitner”: “New bio-friendly wood preservatives”.

Project Leader.


ENSTIB - Nancy University

Nancy University. ENSTIB.

2006-2009: PhD in Wood and Fibres Science at ENSTIB. Lab. LERMAB. University of Nancy. UHP.

“Development of tannin-based resins for new ecofriendly industrial products. Rigid foams and wood preservatives”.

Supervisors: Prof. Antonio Pizzi, Prof. Alain Celzard.


BFH Wood department

University of Applied Sciences of Bern. Wood dept.


2006: 4 months stage. University of Applied Science of Bern. BFH.

“Acrylic coatings based on ZnO nanoparticles”.

Supervisors: Dr. M. Properzi and Prof. F. Pichelin.

University of Florence, Chemistry

University of Florence.  Chemistry dept.

1998-2005: Master in Chemistry at the University of Florence.

Specialization in Organic and Industrial Chemistry.

“Study of crosslinking mechanism of waterproof modified vinylic resins”.

Supervisor: Prof. A. Salvini 

1993-1998: Diploma of Chemist at the Industrial technical college T. Buzzi of Prato.

Scientific missions and further education

2012: Advanced English course at Solent University of Southampton.
2012: COST FP1006. Short term scientific mission at CNR- IVALSA – Florence. Dr. S. Palanti. “ Bio-friendly wood preservatives: Test against larvae of Hylotrupes Bajulus“.
2011: Intermediate German course at Wifi – Salzburg (A).
2009 and 2011: CIRAD. Dr. M.F. Thevenon. Biological test against new tannin-based wood preservatives. Montpellier (F).
2008.University of Liegi. Prof. S. Blacher. Microtomography and image analyis of tannin based foams. Liegi (B).
2008. ENSC Surface chemistry. Dr. L. Delmotte, Dr. J. Parmentier. Chemical and Physical activation of tannin-based carbon foams. Surface area increasing. Mulhouse (F).
2008. CNRS Promes. Dr. R. Olives. Measurement of thermal conductivity of organic and carbon foams. Perpignan (F).
2007. TWI World center of Material joint technology. Dr. S. Andrews. Development of alternative systems for wood welding. Cambridge (GB).
2006. Silva Chimica. Dr. Giampaolo Benevento. Chestnut tannin, extraction and characterization. S.Michele Mondoví (I).

Work experiences

2008-2009: Freelancer for Key-knife. Marketing and translation.

2004-2005: Open-Lab Operator. Teaching through lab-experiences to young students. Basis for chemistry.

2000-2001: Employed at the enviromental department of Prato.