Gianluca Tondi

Wood chemistry expert

Chemistry is the science of matter. The determination of the macroscopic properties of material is only possible with profound knowledge of the details of the microscopic structure of materials. Wood is a highly complex material and therefore many aspects have to be considered in order to be able to use its features optimally.
The challenge of my research consists in valorizing the resource “wood”, to render it suitable for a wide range of applications: from sustainable buildings to innovative composite materials; from thermal insulation to biorefinery. The final aim of this research line is to find further reasons to convince the community to use wood in a proper way, slowing the process that goes from the living tree to energy recovery down as much as possible.
The time gained will then offer more high-performance intermediate steps (construction, pulping, engineered wood) which will allow the trees to produce new biomass, fixing CO2 through photosynthesis. Actually, this is still the best way to combat the increasing greenhouse effect.

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